From the recording Motion of the Ocean

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Holes in the Soles

All is Free - The Motion, the Ocean
Quick Reveal – Firing of a Warning
Sneak a Peek – always Spot a Phoney
My Eyes Leak – Only for the lonely
You and Me – A special Potion
If you Kill the Weak – All I see is Omens
Got Two cheeks – Act of War you See
Our Infamy – Get a Taste of Glory

Holes in the Souls – The Soles of my Shoes

Smell a Reek – Our time is Corroding
Honey Bee – It’s June it’s Snowing
Stop and Think – Lungs Keep Falling
Still We Sleep – Storing of Devotion
Take a Leap – Holy Guns are Smoking
Still they Sleep – Everyone’s Promotion
Got Two Cheeks – the Infamy
Act of War you See

Holes in The Souls – The Soles of my Shoes

Our Time is Corroding – And you want Promotion
Holy Guns Smoking – Storing of Devotion

The Motion of the Ocean